What's New

  • AUKPI Conference September (DRAFT)

    15th September, 2016

    How do the proposals of the Payment Strategy Forum highlight the likely future direction of the UK payments market?

    ~/AUKPI conference - 15th September, 2016

  • AUKPI Conference May

    26th May, 2016

    If there is a UK Brexit following the forthcoming referendum, what will that mean for the UK financial sector?

    ~/AUKPI conference - 26th May, 2016

  • AUKPI Conference February

    25th February, 2016

    Implementing PSD2 and 4MLD and tackling cybercrime – what else should be on the compliance agenda for payment firms?

    ~/AUKPI conference - 25th February, 2016


Association of UK Payment Institutions

The Association of UK Payment Institutions (AUKPI) represents Payment Institutions regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We were previously known as the UK Money Transmitters Association – our name was changed at our AGM in November 2014.

The Association’s principal role is to provide a forum where member firms can come together to discuss and collectively respond to issues of common concern. We also offer services to members, including online AML training.

Additionally, we aim to represent the interests of our industry to law makers, regulators, banks and other financial institutions and consumers at both UK and European level.

Our member firms may offer any of the services allowed under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, this includes online foreign exchange and related payments business, money remittance and associated services, merchant acquiring, payment accounts, card processing, execution of payment transactions – direct debits, payment cards, credit transfers, standing orders, payment initiation services, etc. We also offer membership to others with an interest in the payments sector such as technology and professional services firms.

See more about our plans for 2016 here.